Spegel Grips

Guns Magazine,  August, 2006  by Jeff John

Q: I have recently purchased a Smith & Wesson Thunder Ranch Model 22 .45 ACP revolver. I am very pleased with my new wheel-gun, but I would prefer different grips. I believe the ones shown on page 26 of the May 2006 issue in Clint Smith's "Ranging Shots" column "Brick Slingers" would be perfect. I was wondering if you could tell me the manufacturer of the grips adorning the S&W Model 29-2 and 57-1 shown in the photo.

Lt. J. J. Anderson

Fulton County PD

Atlanta, Georgia

A: The grips are made by Craig Spegel (P.O. Box 387, Nehalem, OR 97131, 503/368-5653). He prefers to speak with his customers and does not have a Web site, so call or drop him a line.

Clint Smith favors Craig Spegel grips. Many of you readers apparently do too and flooded GUNS mail with requests.

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